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SMS Transmission without source identifier

Short messages from 2,4 ct*

Through SMS-News you are able to send SMS messages particularly favourable. Find out more about our current offers.

SMS transmission without source identifier 

You can buy at SMS-News your credit amount for the transmission of your SMS messages. The respective packages have a running period of 6 months. The messages are sent by SMS-News under a non-changeable number without individual source identifier.


Price €

Equivalent to

5.000 SMS


3,79ct* / SMS

10.000 SMS


2,99ct* / SMS

25.000 SMS


2,88ct* / SMS

50.000 SMS


2,79ct* / SMS

150.000 SMS


2,39ct* / SMS

The transmission time for all your SMS without a source identifier is less than 3 hours. Faster transmission time is offered by our High-Quality-SMS.

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... and contact tomorrow your customers directly on their mobile phone. Just fill in our order form and send it by fax to 030 6576 3320. We are going to contact you immediately.

SMS Transmission with own source identifier

You would like to send a SMS adding an own source identifier? Then find out more about our offer under "SMS transmission with own source identifier".


* plus V.A.T.

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