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Porting of phone numbers

Specially by mobile phone numbers it is extremely important to deliver data to the correct network in order to avoid high interconnect fees. These fees are charged when a number is called from a different mobile network provider.

But do you really always know what network the recipient is using? Since 2002 it is possible in Germany to transfer a phone number from one provider to another (phone number porting), so that it is not always possible to reckon the network provider just only with the prefixes.

How to avoid interconnection-fees

With SMS-News-Package you can avoid to pay interconnections-fees by identifying the network a German mobile phone number is registered in. This way you are able to send the SMS/MMS according to providers and save cash.

Flat rate for verification of mobile phone numbers

With our flat rate for verification of mobile phone numbers in Germany, you can verify numbers without limit and find out the network the number is registered in. You will receive the network provider and the location as reply (example: “vodaphone” and “Germany”).

This offer is not linked to the transmission of SMS/MMS. This makes it specially interesting for SMS-Gateways users and specially for call-centres dealing with huge amount of numbers within Germany.

Fix price (flat rate) 499,- € per month

Use for our service “Porting phone numbers” our XMLXML interface. For verifications via *.csv files, please send it to us by e-mail.

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