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WildWakeSki is a water-ski and wakeboard facility placed at the Steinberger See (lake) in Bavaria. Every year they welcome their guests and offer beginners and advanced courses. Specially in open air leisure areas it is important to be able to send information as fast as possible.

Inform Customers through SMS and E-Mail

WildWakeSki uses the services rendered by SMS-News to contact its customers through SMS and e-mail. The operator of the facility can inform about the beginning of the season and of current events. Additionally the operator is able to inform about the weather conditions or about the temporary failure of the lift.

Having the possibility of using this service the operator informs customers at any time about current situations that might be not predictable, avoiding disappointments and offering pleasant anticipation to all circumstances. It is not strange to find young talents of the water-ski scene at Steinberger lake putting up new records. With this service the operator is also able to send newsletters with the latest sport news.

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