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Bulk SMS messaging through XML files

Specially data base supported (Web-)applications work with different formats and formatting. Our XML interface to our gateway offers an easy handling for SMS actions and e-mail marketing.

Let your application write your data into a XML file and to forward them to our server. Our gateway server will process the file and forward a XML file with the status message.

Format independent SMS transmission through XML interface

Of course this interface offers basically the same functionality as the HTTPS-Interface. Nevertheless, in addition, SMS, 8bit SMS, WAP WAP-Push messages, MM or e-mails with attachments can be sent immediately or delayed or at the same time to different recipients. Therefore, this interface is suitable especially for a fast transmission to more than one recipient.

Besides you can carry out through the XML interface queries about the transmission and receive standard SMS messages. All confirmations (status, errors) are delivered in XML. Also we offer the encoded transmission of the file through HTTPS.

Just contact us.  On request, we send you the information about our XML interface.

Further interfaces to our SMS-Gateways:

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